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 Across the Darkest Realm

The Children of Terra possess the Light Stones that hold the key to the world’s salvation. But to find the next one, they must venture beyond the dead…

With the fate of those she loves still hanging in the balance, Diana and her partner Tase are faced with the daunting task of venturing into the sinister Realm of the Undead seeking aid from Amaia, the Queen of the Vampires. 

But obtaining the Amaia’s Light Stone will force them to go toe to toe against the Vampire Queen within the strange Onyx Castle where she makes her own rules, and nothing and no one is safe from her game.

Cut off from Tase and stranded in a hostile and unfamiliar world, Diana must learn to navigate court intrigue and gossip like her life depends on it.

But this Realm is no safe place for a Human – even one prophecized to save the world – and if Diana hopes to escape the Vampire Queen’s nefarious games, she’ll need more than a little luck to make it out in one piece…

Tase is no stranger to the Vampire Queen’s ploys – but he could never have foreseen how far she’d go to end their quest. Pushed to his limits and grappling with impossible choices, Tase quickly finds himself torn between his loyalty to his Masters and his newfound love for Diana.

Can Diana and Tase outplay the infamous Vampire Queen and retrieve the Light Stone? Or will they lose everything they now hold dear in the barren and gray Realm of the Undead?

Gear up for a thrilling epic fantasy series like no other. Bursting with death-defying adventure, high-stakes intrigue, and imaginative worldbuilding, the second novel in the Bright One series is sure to have you hooked. 

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Through the Silent Forest

They thought it was only a legend. Now it has arrived to destroy them all.

Struggling with her obligations as the new Chief of Terrene, 18-year-old Diana must reconcile her destiny with her heart as she carves out her place in society. But when a bout of strange dreams and occurrences reveals an ancient enemy that everyone believed was only a mere legend, Diana soon finds herself thrown head-first into a quest that will decide the fate of everyone she loves.

Falling in with a mysterious guardian and tasked with reaching the distant mountain to save her people, Diana must face off against an evil that will stop at nothing to destroy her world. But she soon discovers this will be no easy task. If she wants to succeed, Diana will need to uncover her truth about the world around her and come to terms with creatures beyond her wildest imagination – and all the while, she must navigate the turbulent relationship she has with Tase, the guardian sworn to protect her…

Can Diana fulfill her destiny and stop the creature that threatens her homeland? Or has she fallen into something way over her head?

A powerful blend of thrilling action and fantastical adventure, the riveting first book in the Bright One series is a novel you won’t want to miss. Follow Ashley L. Castillo on social media for updates!

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The Gorgon and the Stranger

Her visions foretold a threat. Can a mysterious encounter melt a stone-cold heart?

Bestowed with prophetic powers, the gorgon Euryale tries to channel her visions to protect her sisters from the dangers lurking within their unforgiving world.

After witnessing a terrible vision bringing harm to the ones she loves, Euryale becomes determined to prevent her prophecy from coming to pass.

But when she hunts down the stranger that she is certain must be the threat and meets him face-to-face, an unexpected series of events unfold that cause her to question her visions – and whether she can really trust anything at all…

Imbued with timeless and thought-provoking themes of friendship and trust, The Gorgon and the Stranger is a riveting short story that will resonate with fantasy fans of all backgrounds. If you like gripping reads with fantastical worlds and plenty of magic, then this tale is for you.

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What’s coming next…

Through the Silent Forest
 is the first book in the Bright One series. Book two,  Across the Darkest Realm, has now been published just one year later. The next book in the series, titled Beneath the Blue Tide which picks up right where the last adventure ends, is currently in progress.

Ashley is always working on her next project. Short stories and stand-alone books, as well as another series, are all currently in the works.

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