Beta Readers and Updates

It’s time to finally hear me talking non-stop about another book I wrote! I’m so excited to announce that book two of the Bright One Series, Across the Darkest Realm, is ready for beta readers! So if you’ve read Through the Silent Forest and enjoyed it, please click the link below to sign up to beta read book two. I would love to work with you and get your opinion and feedback.

As for details, well, for those of you that follow my blog, you guys know the drill. More information is coming….. soon? Hopefully. At the moment, I’m working on getting the book descriptions and teasers ready. And artwork will hopefully begin soon so that I can start introducing you all to my newest characters! I have a feeling there are going to be plenty you’ll love to hate.

As for my other projects, things have moved to a crawling pace between the holidays and moving, but future announcements will be on the way as things smooth out. My schedule was a little overloaded for a while, and now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I received feedback from my beta readers from my You and I standalone novel. And overall, they were very positive reviews. Of course, that project will still need quite a bit of fine-tuning before it’s ready to be published, but it is making very slow baby steps towards completion.

As for Scripts and Reviews and my personal reviews that I have been asked to do, that is a never-ending task and one that I absolutely love. Reviewing and working with authors is a wonderful experience as a reader. I have been very fortunate to work closely and create lasting friendships with many authors and readers.

Scripts and Reviews run by my partner Alex and I has honestly taken up the most time in my schedule. But, as an author, I think it’s important to still read and absorb as much literature as possible. (Even if it is smut… it’s still literature.)

If you are an avid reader like I am, I do recommend becoming a book reviewer on a website such as ours join here , or if there are other authors you follow, I’m sure they work with or belong to a community of readers and reviewers as well that you could join. 

So for me, it’s the best of both worlds. I get to help authors with their writing journey the same way my beta readers help me. So it’s a great way for me to give back to the book community. It also gives me access to all the books I could ever want to read and more! I have a never-ending TBR list that just keeps growing and growing, and I absolutely love it. Plus, the books are free, which is just icing on the cake for me because I have a serious book buying problem.

As for upcoming projects, there are always more things in the works behind the scenes. I have several other writing projects still in the baby stages of their full potential. So I’m hoping with lots of TLC, they finally come to fruition this year.

As for social media, well, those of you that watch my videos on TikTok, you know it’s the bane of my existence. Haha, but I do try. I have been a little MIA on social media lately, but I hope to remedy that soon by doing more videos and posts and perhaps even starting up a podcast. When I will have time to do all that, I’m still not sure. But I’m trying to make the day have more hours and have so far been unsuccessful. 

So if you want to keep in touch and see what I’m up to on a more regular basis, I recommend following me on my social media accounts. Instagram and Tiktok are almost always where you can find me wasting time instead of writing like I’m supposed to. Feel free to Dm me on there or shoot me an email any time. Anything to distract me from what I’m supposed to be doing is the best thing ever because I have the attention span of a goldfish.

Anyways thank you all for the support as always! I’m looking forward to seeing you on my beta team! 

Until next time,


Published by Ashley L Castillo

Ashley L. Castillo is a fantasy author with a passion for crafting unique worlds and fantastical adventures. As a lifelong fan of all things fantasy, Ashley loves to read books packed with mermaids, vampires, fairies and all kinds of mythical creatures. She hopes to entertain and inspire her readers by writing captivating novels with awe-inspiring settings and loveable characters. Ashley was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. When not writing or reading, she enjoys traveling with her husband Josh and their three pets Bailey, Thomas and Kitten.

2 thoughts on “Beta Readers and Updates

  1. Hi Ashley! 😊 I’d love to join your beta, but the deadline is way too tight for me (I still have to read the first book too) as I’m still trying to get my offline situation in order, after the typhoon and family illnesses and everything else. Sharing this on Twitter though and hoping someone from there signs up!


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