Name Pronunciation and Character Guide


Terra (Tare-uh)- Goddess of the Earth and Creator of life.

Mother to the five siblings. Lover of both Ciar and Zain. 

Terra is of Latin origin, meaning “Earth.” Terra is the Roman earth Goddess equivalent to the Greek Gaia in mythology.

Ciar (Keer)- God of Death and Love. 

Father to Amaia and Eva.

Ciar is a name of Irish origin that means “Black-haired” or “Dark-skinned.”

Zain (Zane)- God of Sun and Fire.

 Father to Ryu, Shaylee, Laiken, and Eva.

 Zain is of Arabic origin. It translates to “Beauty” and “Grace.” 

Aqua (Ah-Qua)- Goddess of the Sea and Healers. 

Mother to Laiken. 

The name Aqua is of Latin origin that means “Water” Or “Sea Blue.” Short form of the word “aquamarine.”

Makani (M(a)-ka-ni) – God of the Wind.

Makani is pronounced mah-KAH-nee. It is of Hawaiian origin, and the meaning of Makani is “Wind.”

K’awiil (Ka-Ah-Will)- God of Lightning. 

Kʼawiil is a Myan deity identified with lightning, serpents, fertility, and maize.

Taranis (Tah-Ran-Iss)- God of Thunder. 

Taranis is the Celtic God of thunder, the equivalent of the Norse God Thor. 

Iris (I-ris)- Goddess of Rain. 

Iris is a Greek Goddess who sprinkled the clouds with seawater to create the first rainbow. 

The Unseen God- Creator of the Universe.

Very much like the God of Christianity. This God is all knowing, having no limits of time or space.

Children of Terra

Ryu (Rye-you)- Master of Dragons. 

Ryu is the first born child of Terra and Zain. He is the ruler of the Land of the Beasts. 

Ryu is a Japanese name and family name meaning “Dragon.”

Laiken (La(i)-ken)- King of the Mer.

Laiken is the only son of Aqua, Terra and Zain. He is King of the Merpeople in the Neptas Sea.

Laiken has English origins. The meaning of Laiken is “Lake” or “Pool.”

Shaylee (Sha(y)-lee)- Queen of the Fae. 

Shaylee is the second born child of Terra and Zain. She is the Queen of the Fae Domain.

Shaylee is a name of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Shaylee is “Admirable.”

Amaia (Ah-Mai-Yuh)- Queen of the Vampires. 

Amaia is the daughter of Terra and Ciar. She is the Queen of the Vampires in the Realm of the Undead.

The name Amaia comes from the Basque origin. The meaning of the name Amaia is “End” or “Resolution.”

Eva (E-Vah)- Human

Eva is the daughter of Terra, Zain and Ciar. She is Diana’s human ancestor and the mortal sibling of the other children of Terra. She did not hold lands or titles but roamed freely.

Eva comes from the Latin form of Eve, meaning “Life.” 

Main Characters

Diana – Chief of Terrene. 

Diana is named as The Bright One. She is 18 at the beginning of book one. Her favorite hobbies are reading, gardening, and being outdoors.

In mythology, Diana was an ancient Roman divinity who came to be associated with the Greek God Artemis. Noted for her beauty and fleetness, Diana is often depicted as a huntress. 

Atanas (Ah-Tan-is) / Tase (Tuh-Ace) – World Walker

Tase holds various titles and positions from Realm to Realm based on the inclinations of his Masters, the children of Terra.

He is named as The Shadow. Tase’s age is never explicitly stated in the books; however, he is over a thousand years old. His unique features and abilities make him the only one of his kind. There is no proper name for the Creature that he is in his true form, which he is in for most of the first book.

The name Tase in Bulgarian origin, means one who is “Immortal.”

Ruling Family of Terrene

Arabella left with Sancus in arms. Julius center top. Raini center bottom. Diana right.

Julius – Former Chief of Terrene, son of Raini

While he relinquishes this title to his daughter Diana upon her eighteenth birthday, when she leaves home, he once again takes up the position and title of Chief.

The name Julius is of Latin origin, meaning “Youthful” or “ Downy-bearded.”

Raini (Ra(i)-ni)- Former Chief of Terrene. 

Raini is Diana’s grandmother and Julius’s mother. She has long since retired as Chief of Terrene but is still heavily influential in her own right. While she holds no official title after retirement, the people of Terrene still pay her deference by referring to her previous position.

Raini, in the Native American origin, means “ The Creator.”

Arabella (A-ra-bella)-  Diana’s mother. 

Arabella is Co- Chief of Terrene. Her most prominent jobs are running the castle and raising her son. 

The name, whose roots are Scottish and whose meaning comes from the Latin “orabilis,” means “Prayerful.” 

Sancus (Sank-Us)- Diana’s younger brother. 

At only six years old at the beginning of the series, he does not play a prominent role.

The name Sancus comes from the God of trust, honesty, and oaths in Roman mythology.

Characters From Terrene

Alexander framed left. Malakai framed right.

Malakai (M(a)-la-chi)- Guard of Castleton 

Malakai is Diana’s childhood best friend, one of the few she was permitted to have due to their parents’ closeness. Malakai is about a year older than Diana and has been a guard of skill within Castelton’s ranks for several years. 

Malachi is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin that means “ Messenger Of God.”

Alexander – Bookshop Keeper

Alexander is Diana’s other childhood best friend. This relationship is based more on intellectual knowledge and study. The two share a love of books and libraries. Alexander is also about a year older than Diana but has run the bookstore in Castleton with his father since he was old enough to help. Alexander’s passion is creating art and drawing.

Alexander is a Greek name meaning “Man’s Defender” and “Warrior.” 

Damien (D(a)-mien)- The Creature Beneath the Mountain. 

While facts are still widely unknown about Damien’s creation or origin, he plays a significant role in the history of the world as it is in the Bright One Series.

While there is only one myth involving him, that legend shaped the world Diana now lives within. Damien was accused of possessing Creatures of all kinds, luring them to the mountain where none ever returned from alive. Lore states that the five siblings (Terra’s children) gathered themselves as a group to eradicate this Creature. 

However, due to his powerful nature, the five could not defeat him, and Eva, the first Human, perished in the battle. However, their loss was not without some victory. Given Light Stones of power from Zane, the God of the Sun, the children of Terra were able to cage and limit the Creature’s abilities. 

It is believed that on Diana’s eighteenth birthday, when she became The Bright One, Damien began to stir.

Damien is of Greek origin that means “To Tame” or “ Subdue.”

Luke bottom left, Diana left, Jordan center, Jason center right, Cain right, Shadow bottom right.

Luke – One of Diana’s sworn guards.

Known as “The Lion” among the soldiers. Luke is Diana’s most notable guard with his mountainous height and build. A skilled warrior recruited to her personal guard from the Northern Forest.

Another form of Lucas, Luke, means “Light-giving.”

Cain (Kane)- One of Diana’s sworn guards.

Cain is known for his skills in archery. His name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “Something Produced.”

Jason- One of Diana’s sworn guards.

Jason is skilled with a spear. He is one of Diana’s more thoughtful guards. He writes poetry in his spare time. His is a classic and traditional Greek name meaning “Healer.” 

Jordan- One of Diana’s sworn guards. 

While he had asked for her hand in marriage, he harbors no hard feelings towards Diana’s decline. He was the only guard in her entourage who volunteered for the position.

Jorden is of Hebrew origin, meaning “Down-flowing.”

Mary-  Head Healer in the Castle and Castelton. 

She has served the ruling family and practiced medicine from a young age, and is a knowledgeable and trustworthy helper.

Jarrett and Rebecca-

Jarrett and Rebecca are Malakai’s parents and close personal friends with the ruling family of Terrene. Both hold high positions of respect within the community—Jarrett as the head of the Army and Rebecca as the second head gardener.

Caleb- Second in command of the army.

He is responsible for military training and running the training compound.

Solomon and Abel- 

Solomon and Abel are Julius’s sworn guards.


Joseph is Alexander’s father and runs the local bookstore.


Sabrina is a healer from Westwall.


Delilah is a baker who works at the Castle.

Characters From The Land Of The Beasts

Destry ( DESS-tree) and Atreyu (Uh-Tray-You)- 

Two Centaur Siblings who befriend Diana during her journey.

Hisao (HI-sah-o)- 

One of the last surviving Dragons.

Hisao is a Japanese name meaning “Story of Life”.

Konane (Ko-Nan-Aye)- Leader of the Horse Clans

Konane is a Unicorn and the leader of the Horse Clans within the Land of the Beasts.

In Hawaiian, Konane means “Bright.”

Tomoko (T(o)-mo-ko)- 

Tomoko is a Kitsune who shares a close relationship with Ryu. She is one of his chief spies and informants and also has a genuine friendship with Diana.

Tomoko is of Japanese origin and means “ Intelligent.”

Camilla (Ka-mee-luh)-

Camilla is a well-known Witch who dwells within the Land of the Beasts. Being of Human descent, she claims kinship to Eva as all Humans of the Realms do.

Stheno (Seth-En-Oh), Euryale (Yur-Aye-El), and Medusa (Med-Doo-Sah)-

Are three Gorgon sisters. While they play a small part in the main series, more of their history is shared in the short story The Gorgon and the Stranger. Each sister shares a unique and genuine relationship with Tase. However, with her gift for prophecy, Euryale plays the most significant role of the three.


Layla is a Griffin and a true friend to Tase. Usually traveling on his own, Tase forged a good friendship over the years with the Griffin, who would venture with him from time to time.


Nita is a Bear-Shifter and a daughter of Ryu. While she only plays a minor role, she is a genuinely kindhearted caregiver and a ferocious protector.